Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Camp Routine

This is how efficient and effective the dehydrate / rehydrate system can be.

  • Arrive at your selected pitch
  • 10 minutes to erect tent, set up your mat and sleeping bag and arrange all your kit so it's to hand
  • Boots off and lie in tent or find comfy place to sit and eat.
  • Set up your cooking kit
  • Light stove and boil a full kettle of water
  • While water is boiling decide on which 'brew' you'll have and which of the delicious dehydrated meals you packed will be tonight's treat
  • When kettle is boiled pour the required amount of water into your food and pop it in your cosy to rehydrate (about a third of a kettle)
  • Use the other third to make hot chocolate in an insulated mug (I have a 'Lifeventure' one which is a brilliant mini flask, secure the lid and shake violently for frothy choccy drink) whisky is, allegedly, optional
  • Use the remaining third for a brew now, tea or coffee or even instant soup if you must.
  • Enjoy this drink gazing at the view, working out how far you've walked etc
  • After about 20 minutes take food from cosy, eat from the bag, remark how great it tastes, re-seal bag, pop it in your pack, rinse kettle and remember the days when you used to have to wash up
  • Have a chuckle
  • Drink hot choccy 'a la Grouse' while reading a slim volume of difficult modern verse
  • Sleep well