Thursday, 9 April 2020

Useful Links

The recipes on this site are all my own (unless otherwise stated) but many of the techniques and tips on the walking / kit side of things I've gained from other sites.

These are a few well worth visiting:

Outdoors Magic

A great forum full of sane, friendly, helpful people with a world of experience of all things outdoorsy. The ideal place to ask technical or daft questions about kit, techniques or walking routes. They're all kit fiends so can give great advice before you buy and often point you towards a bargain.

A brilliant family business run by Bob and Rose. As the name suggests they sell backpacking gear but only if it's lightweight, quality gear that performs. They design some products themselves and source ethically where possible. Plus you get free sweeties with every order and often a personal phone call to check it all arrived OK.

This small company is run by a bunch of climbers and the basic idea is brilliant. They design the best gear, place an order direct with the factory and then sell it at very reasonable prices. The range is limited and often there's a waiting list for incoming items but that's because the quality and prices are outstanding. For example their 'Gamma' headtorch is the best I've found and it's only £15. Free delivery too.

This is an online shop for bikes and accessories but they do carry some camping equipment. Their prices are good but they also hold the record for UK delivery. 33 hours from click to doorbell - and that was using the free, 'slow' delivery option!

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