Saturday, 11 April 2009

Spicy fish and vegetable cous cous

This is a dehydration-friendly version of a healthy cheap dish I make at home.

5-6 peppers - I prefer the green ones - thinly sliced. Often the supermarkets have 'value' bags of 7-8 peppers which are fine, just not 'display size / shape - these are considerably cheaper
2-3 green chillies finely chopped

Place these in a wide shallow bowl add olive oil, salt and a generous amount of mixed herbs. Mix well to ensure the peppers are coated with oil and herbs. Place under grill and grill them turning occasionally until tender. If some are 'burnt' / blackened don't worry it adds to the flavour. Allow to cool

When cool add a packet of smoked mackerel fillets (flaked), a handful of stoned olives finely chopped (I like the dry black ones for their intense flavour) and a bunch of salad / spring onions finely chopped. Mix well.

Dehydrate this mixture thoroughly.

Place 50 gm of this dry mixture and 100 gms of dry cous cous in a zip-lock bag & mix. Rehydrate to use. You'll need to experiment at home with the right amount of water required to successfully prepare the meal but around 150ml should be about right.

This rehydrates really easily (about 10 minutes) and beats any packet flavoured cous cous (even one signed by a 'celebrity' 'chef') hands-down.

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